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Well support rotation chair bed offers great independence and mobility to the user who is weight bearing but struggles to transfer unassisted between standing and sitting. Feature all the usual functions of profiling bed, also enable the user to rotate and then tilt the chair to aid the transfer between standing and sitting. It’s the most cost effective chair beds for the home care and nursing home.

Features & Benefits

√ Electrically operated backrest,knee rest.height,rotate and tilt

√ Wood finished side rails( conforms to IEC60601-2-52)

√ Hand rails to help transfer onto and off the bed

√ Single Remote hand controls all the function, it’s easy to operate

√ 3 inch metal brake castors,it’s durable .

√ One button function to realize 90°rotation to become chair.

√ Chair tilts forward to aid transfer between sitting and standing

Technical Specifications:

√ Maximum Safe Working Load 180KG

√ Outer Dimensions 2130*1020mm

√ Mattress support dimension 1900*900mm

√ Height Adjustment 40-80cm

√ Adjustment Angle of Back section 0°-70°

√ Adjustment Angle of Foot section 0°-20°

√ Warranty: 2 years on the electrical actuator, 8 years on metal frame

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