Profiling low bed with integral side rails

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WS Low with Integral side rails

The low entry bed combination of low positioning and integral side rails which are fully compliant to BS standards, ensures a safe resting and sleeping environmental for at the risk of falling out of the bed. Let the user feel highest level of safety,Alternative colors are available in oak or walnut.


√ Electric backrest, knee rest, hi-low, trendelenburg and reverse-trendelenburg.

√ It’s simplistic design allows easy assemble and dismantling without tools, the process can be managed by one person.

√ Four brake castors(75mm).

√ Extra high side rails and 20cm extension kit available.

√ Transport bracket aids storage and transportation .

√ Conforms to the IEC60601-2-52, the new standard for the beds.

Technical Specifications

√ Maximum Safe Working Load        200KG

√ Outer Dimensions                         2130x1020mm

√ Mattress support dimension         1900x900mm

√ Height Adjustment                        20-80cm

√ Adjustment Angle of Back Section  0°-70°

√ Adjustment Angle of Foot Section    0°-20°

Product Code         Bed       Headboards       Height Adj       Mattress Support

WS-02-1             Low bed       Beech                20-80cm             Metal Mesh

WS-02-2             Low bed       Beech                20-80cm             Wooden Slat

WS-02-3             Low bed       Walnut               20-80cm             Metal Mesh

WS-02-4             Low bed       Walnut               20-80cm             Wooden Slat

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